The aim of Wellness Ambassadors is to encourage the spread of wellness and serve as the link between the Standing Committee on Wellness, and your MO. Wellness Ambassador Coordinators are there to help you to do this, as effectively and efficiently as possible by equipping you with resources, guidance and support and are always there to help you navigate obstacles and offer you their advice.

What does

a wellness ambassador do?

  • Relay our resources, initiatives and events to their MO,

  • Give us feedback on our events - the positives, negatives,

  • Report on the state of wellness at your campus,

  • Inform us about wellness-related issues veterinary students face in your MO,

  • Join monthly meetings and send us monthly updates.

Why should you be a wellness ambassador?


Join a community of wellness ambassadors from around the world, to learn from, and grow together.


Receive guidance and support from Wellness Ambassador Coordinators and SCoW.


Bridge the gap between SCoW and your MO.


Share your ideas and suggestions and receive them from fellow ambassadors.

Best Buddies

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