Creating Habits 

Creating habits is a very important thing in life, so when you finally understand how they work and how to create, maintain or eliminate them, you will be able to achieve your goals faster. When starting a new habit it’s very common to give up, but why? The thing is that there are some stages that we must go through:


The irritating stage (day 1-10). At first it may be easy due to being something new and challenging, but that feeling only go on for 2 or 3 days, because that first motivation runs out easily. So the first 10 days are the most difficult ones and where a lot of people (95%) give up. So the advice is to be disciplined and convinced that you can continue with it.

Image by My Life Journal


The strange stage (day 11-20). In this period you start to experiment the benefits of the habit and gaining more confidence on yourself. But even it’s easier to continue with the habit and you think you can manage it, the victory is not yet clear. So here is when you have to give yourself motivational thoughts that strengthen you to continue in that way like the effort you did to achieve everything until the moment, everytime you wanted to give up but you didn’t…


The turbo stage (day 21-30). Congratulations, if you are in this period you are about to have power over the new habit. Is here when you start to experiment more benefits than uncomfortable moments and associating them to positive things. The problem here is that a lot of people are overconfident and give up thinking they dominate the habit, relaxing and loosing the adherence. So continue, don’t rest until the 30 days are completed.


Be conscious of this and you will see that everything will be easier!