Today we present you our last lecturer - Hansel Wong - and welcome you to read a few words about each of the amazing people you'll be able to listen to on Saturday!

Get to know the speakers!

Prof Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din - Professor of Fish Pathology, UPM Malaysia

Prof Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din

Professor served as a consultant to international agencies such as FAO, IDRC, NACA, ACIAR, and IFS. He's the founder of the Malaysia Fisheries Society and served as the President of the Asian Fisheries Society. Apart from that he served on the Board of Trustees of the World Fish Centre and was a member of the OIE Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission. On top of that he has published over 180 papers and filed 10 patents!


Archana Vashisht - Asia Regional Representative to the Commonwealth Youth Council

Archana Vashisht

Archana is a member of the Commonwealth Youth Council and the Asian Regional Representative and a TEDx speaker. She organized the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Summit in Malaysia and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in the UK and has dedicated many years of her life to empowering youths and encouraging personal development.


Ms Fatima Anne - School councellor

Fatima Anne

Ms Fatima obtained her Bachelor of Education at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and has 7 years of experience in local schools and tertiary education. She is currently a councelor at HELP University, Malaysia.


Jef Menguin - Virtual mentor & learning strategist

Jef Menguin

Jef pursued his career in motivational speaking in 2004. After that, he started facilitating team-building workshops, presentation skills, customer service, supervisory training, stress management, time management, change management, personal development, and many more. After years of hardship, he established his own company which is Business Innovation Talent and Development where he focused his attention on helping organizations innovate their businesses and build their leaders.


Hansel Wong - Mental health councelor

Hansel Wong

Hansel has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Masters Degree in Counselling. He has experience in working with children, high-school and college youth, and working adults. Now he practices Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) coupled with a holistic approach. He offers counselling in mental health issues, workplace and career guidance, and relationship issues.


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Date: 7th November 2020, Saturday

Time: 14:00*

*Schedule is in reference to GMT+8

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