In today’s society, we thrive on performance, competition and perfection, which leads to an insidious increase in stress. Stress causes damage that is often underestimated, and is a social phenomenon that should be closely examined and evaluated. Our ancestors used to say that “work is health,” but we now realize that this way of thinking is not so true anymore. These days, society and the workplace put an unparalleled level of pressure on people.

Therefore, in association with International Stress Awareness Week 2020 which spans from the 2nd to the 6th of November, the Standing Committee on Wellness has decided to organize an International Conference where topics surrounding STRESS will be addressed by various speakers from diverse professionals backgrounds 🤩

Here's a sneak peek at two of our esteemed speakers for the event. Stay tuned coz we have more insightful topics coming for you! So join us as we expand our minds and increase our knowledge on Stress in order to curb this worldwide phenomenon that is jeopardizing our physical and mental wellness!

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Date: 7th November 2020, Saturday

Time: 14:00*

*Schedule is in reference to GMT+8

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