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Tails of Wellness

Snippets of self care suggestions, some unbelievable facts, and mental health tips from furry creatures!

Dog Breeds as Self-Care Tips

Happy #WellnessWednesday 

This week, we are kicking off Tails of Wellness with self care suggestions from our beloved dogs and their various breeds! 

Ever wonder how lovely it would be to live a dog's life? Here are some simple yet important canine activities that we can take up and learn a thing or two from, especially on a difficult day whether it is to relieve stress or to simply pamper ourselves! 🛀🌸

Doggy doodles by Serena George

Dogs and Healing

This #WellnessWednesday, we bring to you a fun fact about dogs and healing 🐶

Dogs can help in early detection of mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, etc., and they make great support animals. While their cuddles and wags make us happy, their presence is scientifically proven to improve the mental well-being of humans 🐾

They have been involved in healing since time immemorial and truly are the wagging tails of wellness 🐕

Purrfect frequency

It's #WellnessWednesday once again and we hope you are feeeling pawsitive! 😊

There's something comforting about your feline purring when they rest on your lap, but did you know that their purrs have actual healing benefits? 🐱

Maybe the next time you feel a little overwhelmed, you can spend some time with your cat and stroke it's fur! 🐈

Feelings and Felines

Feelings and Felines

It's February's first #WellnessWednesday and we hope you're feline fine! 😻

Cats are more expressive than we give them credit for. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, we can learn a lot from their behaviour and self- awareness. And let's be honest, wouldn't it just be better to live a cat's life? 🐈

So, here are some suggestions from felines to maintain a healthy relationship purr-haps with a friend, a significant other or any person, in general. We hope you have a great month ahead! 😸

Koala-ty of sleep

Today's #TailsofWellness is about Koalas, who sleep up to 22 hours a day, tucked in nooks. Even though we don't require that much sleep, it is important for us to get enough (6-8 hours) sleep in a day. 

Here are some suggestions to improve the koala-ty of sleep for all of us who have bad sleep schedules and trouble falling alseep! 

How are you?

For today's #TailsofWellness, we just want to know how you're feeling! 

Do you relate more to a grumpy cat or are you feeling energetic and excited like a puppy? 

Book recommendation by Reeba

t's been a while but we are back this #WellnessWednesday with a book recommendation! 

The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy is truly a tale of wellness about the journey of four different creatures through the ups and downs of friendship, love and life. 

With it's pieces of wisdom and heartwarming quotes, it's truly a must read for everyone says Reeba, SCoW's most adorable Mascot! 

Shedding old habits

Tails of Wellness is back again and this week we are talking about shedding old habits. 

Like snakes, sometimes we must shed what no longer serves us and grow into a better version of ourselves. We wish everyone love and support through the transitions and transformations in their mindsets, professional and personal lives. 

What is something you are shedding and re-defining? 

Artwork courtesy of Xandra Works

Grounding Technique

For today's Tails of Wellness post, we bring to you the Grounding Technique from a dog's point of view! 

This sensory awareness and mindfulness technique is a simple exercise which can be practiced when we feel overwhelmed, to bring us back to the present moment. 

While grounding in the present moment won't solve all problems, it helps us address them with a calm, central awareness. 

We hope you have a happy Wellness Wednesday!